Stories from people who have done the exercises

Lachlan male aged 5 1/2
We saw Neil for our son who was having difficulties concentrating and paying attention to what was going on in the classroom and also having problems reading. The teacher noticed this in prep.
Kurt Male aged 6
Kurt...was really struggling with his reading...To my amazement Kurt's reading moved up 7 levels within a term!
Lachlan Irving Male aged 6
In Prep Lachy was struggling storing his sight words, reading and his fine motor skills were very limited... he was frustrated, angry and didn't want to do his homework... Now he can read...His behaviour is a lot calmer and he isn't as angry or frustrated. He is happy to sit with me and read a book.
Madilyn female aged 9
Madilyn struggled every the point of utter frustration...Since being on the program, her whole personality and attitude have changed...She is happier within herself...”
Rhiannon female aged 6
Ben and I noticed that Rhiannon was coming home from school angry and tired, which was evident in her misbehaving and poor sleeping habits. Once we began the eye exercises Rhiannon began to improve in her phonics, spelling and reading.
Matthew Male aged 9
At the beginning of the year Matthew was diagnosed with dyslexia and dyspraxia… At the end of year 2 he got a 'D' for his reading…His report for the end of year 3 gave him a 'B'.
Jaryd male aged 7
Jaryd has received a wonderful report today. Achievement levels have jumped up in Maths, Technology, Study of Society and Art (up from Sounds to all Very Highs and High in Art)!
Sophie Female aged 13 in grade 8
We had noticed a problem with Sophie for awhile and had tried a few different things with not a lot of results. She had very, very slow processing and her concentration levels were poor, especially at homework time after a day at school…This year we have been amazed with the change in Sophie.
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