Teacher Inservice

outside the square

Understanding and Managing Children who are Struggling at School

This inservice is designed to give you, the teacher, practical, immediate help with students who have learning, attention and behaviour difficulties.



Aims of the Teacher Inservice:

  • To make school less stressful for staff and students
  • To outline the causes of poor child behaviour at school
  • To reduce your discipline workload
  • To improve academic progress
  • To improve parent/teacher relationships
  • To provide you with practical knowledge about ADHA, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia & Asperger's Syndrome
  • To provide you practical advice that is useful immediately
  • To help you think Outside the Square in order to help those who live outside the square
  • To improve job satisfaction

What is unique about this inservice?

It has all three essential elements for working well with children with learning and behaviours difficulty;

  • A philosophy.
  • An understanding and knowledge of the difficulties students are facing.
  • A range of skills and techniques to work with your students.

This inservice integrates all of these areas to produce a harmonious and well-balanced approach that works for the student and the teacher.

You will learn how to:
Manage behaviour from a Health and Stress Management perspective which in turn reduces stress in both the teacher and the student.

Reduce long-term energy and time expenditure of teachers which results in 
more time and energy to enjoy life out of school.

Experience what it is like to have a learning difficulty, which leads to a greater understanding of how a learning difficulty impacts students in the classroom, and provides opportunities to learn how to reduce frustration and stress for all in the classroom.

Minimise accidental harm to these children, which goes a long way to helping with resilience.

Be given a checklist - which helps to quickly identify students with a learning difficulty.

Be given guidance on how to change what you do in order to change what the students do (includes a checklist guide).

Find specifics for gaining an understanding of primary and secondary motivators. THIS IS VERY POWERFUL!!!

Find suggestions on how to communicate with parents in order to reduce stress and      

Draw on and acknowledge the skills, knowledge and expertise already present at the school and within yourself as a teacher.


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