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Resources that are highly recommended

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It's So Much Work to Be Your Friend

Helping the Child with Learning Disabilities Find Social Success

Author: Richard Lavoie 



explores the causes and consequences of “social incompetence.” Drawing on current research and thirty years of experience in residential schools, Richard Lavoie provides powerful strategies for teaching friendship skills in the classroom, on the homefront, and in the community. 2005

Running time approx. 90 minutes.


The Motivation Breakthrough: 6 Secrets To Turning On The Tuned-Out Child

Author: Richard Lavoie

Richard Lavoie gives parents, teachers, coaches, and caregivers the keys to spark the desire to learn in any child. Includes a quiz to assess a child's needs.


The Motivation Breakthrough: 6 Secrets To Turning On The Tuned-Out Child (DVD)

Parents and teachers can learn how to use a few motivational techniques to trigger some remarkable changes in patterns of learning. This program, presented by Richard Lavoie, details some of these motivational methods in a clear and concise fashion.


Richard Lavoie: How Difficult Can This Be? F.A.T. City--A Learning Disabilities Workshop (DVD)

In the author's workshops, participants wind up frustrated, angry, and in tears — and finally understand what having a learning disability means.

Running time: 70 minutes


When the Chips Are Down (DVD): Richard Lavoie

Do you ever have days when the kids seem totally out of control? Do you find yourself falling into the same pointless arguments with your students or your children?

ADHD: Who's Failing Who?

Understanding the impact of ADHD on our young people, schools and society.

Dr Brenton Prosser

Don't Eat the Soup

Author: Cameron Johnston

Don’t Eat The Soup... is a unique stress management book in that it is told as a story and leads the viewer through the eight ways of dealing with stress as well as a very good chapter on what to do if you are already on the way to burnout.


Cooling Down Teen Stress

Author: Delight Chandler

Cooling Down Teen Stress is the teenage companion book to Don’t Eat the Soup... Delight was a teenager when she wrote this book with input from her father, Cameron Johnston. This book is now being printed in Australia so has a lower price tag.


The Myth of Laziness

Author: Dr Mel Levine

Dr. Mel Levine's revolutionary theory says that very few people are truly lazy. Rather, nearly all "lazy" children and unproductive adults suffer from "output failure"--a problem of the mind. "The Myth of Laziness" identifies the indicators of this failure.


A Mind at a Time

Author: Dr Mel Levine

Different minds learn differently.

And that's a problem for many children, because most schools still cling to a one-size-fits-all education philosophy. In A Mind at a Time, Dr. Levine shows parents and others who care for children how to identify these individual learning patterns.

Lessons from My Child

Parents' experiences of life with a disabled child

Cindy Dowling, Neil Nicoll, Bernadette Thomas


Bully Blocking

Six secrets to help children deal with teasing and bullying

Author: Evelyn M Field


Boys in Schools

Addressing the real issues - behaviours, values and relationships

Edited by Rollo Browne and Richard Fletcher


Children Learn What They Live

Addressing issues of security, self-worth, tolerance, honesty, fear, respect, fairness, patience and more

Dorothy Law Nolte & Rachel Harris


Every Parent

Author: Matthew R. Sanders

Every Parent shows you how to build a positive relationship with your child and help them develop the skills, values and behaviours that will enable them to do well in life.