Reading Difficulty Simulation

The following is an example to show you how difficult it is for a child who has a reading problem due to their eyes not moving smoothly. The video is of a mother trying to do the reading. You can try it yourself by using the following text. It has been copied and slightly modified from a DVD by Richard Lavoie called “How Difficult Can This Be?”.

This has been designed to simulate what it is like to have a reading difficulty for those who don’t have one. It is not necessarily exactly how different children see it, although we have had some parents say that this is exactly what it was like for them as a child.





This text as it is seen by someone who has good eye tracking

“Come on.” said Betsy. “We have to pick up this corn. We don’t have another can of popcorn.” “Are we going to eat pop corn that’s been on the floor?” “We can wash it.” Betsy answered.”

“That’s a good idea,” said Susan. “We can wash it. Come on, all of you. Help us pick it up.”

The children went to work. It took them a long time to pick up all the pop corn. Then they took the corn into the kitchen and Betsy washed it. All the children thought that that was just the thing to do. Betsy put the corn in two big pans to put in the oven.

Can you imagine the frustration and stress that a child has who has to experience this day after day at school and then doing more for homework? If you had to try and cope with this each day you would probably devise ways to avoid the task and your stress levels would be significantly raised.

You can do all the remedial reading programs in the world but if the eyes are not moving as good as they could be then you are limiting these other good programs. Through the development of Eye Tracker it means that people in remote areas or with limited finances now have the opportunity to work on at least fixing this one area that significantly impacts on their ability to read.

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