Making reading easier

Eye Tracker is a proven treatment option that helps improve eye tracking. It retrains your brain over a period of twenty weeks, which improves your reading, confidence and love of learning.

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How it works 

Eye Tracker combines the latest in brain research on neuroplasticity with effective, proven methods to treat eye tracking problems. 

The app guides you through a graduated eye exercise program that takes you from the very simple to the complex over a period of 20 weeks. This is based on the same theory of remediation that speech therapists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists use. 

The exercises are best done under supervision but a teenager or adult could do them on their own.

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Avoidance behaviours 

There are many ways that children deal with the stress of not coping - a lot of these we call avoidance behaviours. If eye tracking problems are the cause of avoidance behaviours we find that these behaviours can stop altogether, especially if caught at an early stage. These avoidance behaviours can mimic some of the signs and symptoms of people who have been diagnosed with the following: 

  • Dyslexia 
  • Dyspraxia 
  • Asperger’s syndrome

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Boy with arms folded facing away from view

Reading Difficulties, Depression & Anxiety

Chronic reading problems and depression appear to be related...and the reading problems precede the depression. 

Reading difficulty simulation

Unless you have experienced what it is like to have a reading difficulty it is very difficult to understand and appreciate the struggle for someone who has one. It is common to tell them to “just try harder” or “put in more effort”. The following simulation is a real eye opener and will challenge anyone who tries it.


Simulation video

Success stories

We saw Neil for our son who was having difficulties concentrating and paying attention to what was going on in the classroom and also having problems reading. The teacher noticed this in prep.
Lachlan male aged 5 1/2 Read more stories
Kurt...was really struggling with his reading...To my amazement Kurt's reading moved up 7 levels within a term!
Kurt Male aged 6 Read more stories
In Prep Lachy was struggling storing his sight words, reading and his fine motor skills were very limited... he was frustrated, angry and didn't want to do his homework... Now he can read...His behaviour is a lot calmer and he isn't as angry or frustrated. He is happy to sit with me and read a book.
Lachlan Irving Male aged 6 Read more stories
Madilyn struggled every the point of utter frustration...Since being on the program, her whole personality and attitude have changed...She is happier within herself...”
Madilyn female aged 9 Read more stories
Ben and I noticed that Rhiannon was coming home from school angry and tired, which was evident in her misbehaving and poor sleeping habits. Once we began the eye exercises Rhiannon began to improve in her phonics, spelling and reading.
Rhiannon female aged 6 Read more stories